Blurred Misadventures

I’m out in the middle of fucking nowhere sitting on top of my bed in a sweltering nondescript bungalow, while my friend, James, violently expels whatever amoeba-like creatures snuck past his defenses. The scene is a bit better than before, however. At least now I’m no longer in the porta-potty sized toilet-shower, painting porcelain with volcanic porridge while James staggers beside me, periodically vomiting onto … Continue reading Blurred Misadventures

The Absurd Happenings in Higher Education

2/11/17 I’ll bring the would-be reader up to speed with the lot of what has transpired as of late. Or, at least how it appears events have transpired. As I had mentioned in a previous entry, I went to Tucson to speak with the admissions director and Doctor Crenshaw partly to make sure that my application is in order and also to create an interview … Continue reading The Absurd Happenings in Higher Education

Not All that Glitters is Gold

I am at pains to detail every twist and turn that transpired while in Bangkok for the inception of my travels in Thailand, and every hour spent here could contain enough material for several blog posts. Whether it’s the adrenaline-infused motorcycle taxi ride through the city, staying at a 4 star hotel for the price of a couple burritos at Chipotle, wandering through endless night … Continue reading Not All that Glitters is Gold

Bangkok Boogie

After living the disorienting day-and-a-half long stress-filled dash to Bangkok, I walked (or floated) off the plane and into the labyrinth of moving sidewalks, flashy advertisements, and confused pedestrians. All of us desire to disappear to our own nook awaiting in the city, but customs must first be handled. I finally found a port where I can awkwardly stumble through documentation while being evaluated by … Continue reading Bangkok Boogie

Hawaii Never Sets in My Heart

  I’m still in a pressurized capsule in the sky, but a little further west than the last entry (They’re actually landing and taking off again in Tokyo, Japan. It’s just a small detail they forgot to mention when I purchased these tickets. Remember when I mentioned ambiguity?). Led Zeppelin is cranked up to the tune of heavy turbulence (Or, is it the other way … Continue reading Hawaii Never Sets in My Heart