The Privilege of Discontent

I don’t care to put this tirade into a box to be put on the shelf, so it will speak for itself. The pain and irony of life has come to pay a visit today. I can’t turn a blind eye to what I see and feel on a daily basis while journeying across these... Continue Reading →

Not All that Glitters is Gold

I am at pains to detail every twist and turn that transpired while in Bangkok for the inception of my travels in Thailand, and every hour spent here could contain enough material for several blog posts. Whether it’s the adrenaline-infused motorcycle taxi ride through the city, staying at a 4 star hotel for the price... Continue Reading →

Bangkok Boogie

After living the disorienting day-and-a-half long stress-filled dash to Bangkok, I walked (or floated) off the plane and into the labyrinth of moving sidewalks, flashy advertisements, and confused pedestrians. All of us desire to disappear to our own nook awaiting in the city, but customs must first be handled. I finally found a port where... Continue Reading →

Hawaii Never Sets in My Heart

  I’m still in a pressurized capsule in the sky, but a little further west than the last entry (They’re actually landing and taking off again in Tokyo, Japan. It’s just a small detail they forgot to mention when I purchased these tickets. Remember when I mentioned ambiguity?). Led Zeppelin is cranked up to the... Continue Reading →

Passing Through

At this very moment I am 11, 582 meters above the Earth, which is quite a collection of meters, and an unfathomable number of feet (scientifically speaking). Scrunched into the economy seat on an asian carrier, I feel pretty important. But, I’m an American so that’s fairly fitting (If you were offended by that last statement,... Continue Reading →

Hangin’ Loose

As soon as the trip started, I have hit the ground running and it's hard to discern where one day ends and the next begins. I'll give a bit of overview and highlight the best points where it would be an injustice to do otherwise. In the first few days we wandered through the jungles... Continue Reading →

Lost in Paradise

Alright everyone. I've learned that it's it's unreasonable to meet my expectations of completing a post every day (unless I spend half of my time with a computer screen in front of me). That being said, I can take time from the fervor to document my experience a bit more often. Five and a half... Continue Reading →

Upright and Locked Positions

Few things in life compare to the dazed intensity felt upon opening one’s eyes the morning of departure. I'm already dressed and making last-minute checks and double checks to equipment and gear before 3 minutes have the chance to roll through. My mom skips around the entry to the kitchen with a cup in hand... Continue Reading →

Gauging The Abyss

Now, the logistics of leaving gracefully from one’s homeland are not particularly easy, at least not for this writer. There’s a lot to consider, and the quantity of elements that need cute little bows tied on them are staggering, so I’ll share only a portion. The first aspect that needs to be considered is emotional... Continue Reading →

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